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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving tip for new bakers!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers!
Pretty busy today, but I just wanted to take a moment to share this important baking tip.  Always, always, always check your oven's temperature using a oven thermometer.

Many a good baker has been brought to their knee due to a lack of one.  Ovens (even brand new ones) temperatures can be off by several degrees.  This can effect the end results of your baked goods slightly or terribly, depending on the degree of difference in temperature.  OOOOwww! (degree...forgive the pun). 

I recently had to bake in a new oven, and I kept burning my baked goods.  For under $5.00, I fixed the problem.  The oven's temperature was almost 75 degrees higher then it should be.  Yeah, it was an old oven.  But when I checked my brand new oven it was also off by 25 degrees.  So, you see how this can turn a lovely cake into a dry clump of sawdust.

Hope this tip helps with your baking, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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