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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Level your cakes with a tea towel?

Ok, I was skeptical, but I have to admit...this just blew my mind. The first time I heard someone say they flattened out their cakes with a tea towel while they were still hot, so they didn't have to level them, I thought..."they are just being lazy and the cake is probably smooshed to crumbs". I usually am willing to try something once before discounting it though. So, I was doing a cake for here at the house, and I thought...what the heck...if it falls apart I'll just make cake balls instead.

So when my cake came out of the oven, I took my trusty tea towel and pressed on the top of the cake until it was level with the top of the pan. I let it cool in the pan and flipped it out onto my cake board. It was still one solid piece. Ok, so far so good.

Now, will it hold up to the icing. I put on my crumb-coat with no problem. I put on a layer of icing with no problem. I couldn't believe it. It actually worked. I will have to admit though, the whole time I was paranoid the cake was going to disintegrate.

It goes against everything I would have thought about cake making, but it does work. It was probably one of the easiest cakes I have done thus far. So, I guess I can only say...what the heck...give it a shot.


  1. This only works with soft cakes. If your cake is sturdier like a pound cake it won't hold up to being smooshed. Also it does have to be done as immediately out of the oven. Even waiting a few minutes will destroy the cake.

  2. Im sorry but Im not sure i understand why to do this. The reason could be that im new to baking and decorating cakes.
    Is it so that you worn't need to cut of the uneven top of the cake?