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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Making a Frozen Buttercream Transfer

Frozen buttercream Transfers (or FBCT) are a fairly simple way to decorate a cake. They do take a little practice, but you can get some drastic results with them.

To do a FBCT all you will need is some thin-medium consistency icing, icing colors, piping bags, round icing tips, wax or parchment paper, a cookie sheet or a sheet of glass or plexiglass is not required but helpful (you can do this on any flat movable surface). You will also need a picture of the object you want to make an image of.

Let's say you want to put a teddy bear on your cake. You will need to find a picture of a teddy bear that you can trace with icing. You can find many images online that will work. One thing you want to remember is that when you are finished with your FBCT the image will be reversed to the image you are actually looking at, so you may want to reverse the image before printing it out. Or you can simply trace the image onto a piece of paper, and then you can flip the paper over and re-trace it on the back. This will give you a reverse image. I hope I didn't confuse you. It really is simpler then I just made it sound. In other words, you want a mirror image, so that when you are finished you end up with the original image.

If you are working on a glass sheet, tape the image to the bottom of the glass with the image "looking through the glass", and place your wax paper on top of the glass and tape it too the glass. If you are working on a cookie sheet just tape it to the pan with the image facing up and tape your wax paper over the image. You may want to outline the image and then fill in the outlines with frosting or you may just choose to color in the image like a coloring book with the closest colors to the image. Or, you may choose to use different colors from the image.

When you have finished "coloring" your image, cover the back of the image with the icing color that matches your cakes icing (e.g. white icing on cake gets white icing all over the back of the transfer) This will thicken your transfer and reduce the chance of breakage.

Once you have the image colored, simply pop it in the freezer until it is frozen solid (about 45 minutes). Be sure you are ready to put it on the cake before removing it from the freezer, as it doesn't take very long for it to start thawing out. Try to work quickly.

When you are ready to apply the FBCT, you simply remove the tape from the wax paper, slide it over onto your hand and quickly flip it onto the desired location on the cake. Press down lightly to adhere it to the cake and remove wax paper.

If the image sticks up, you may want to put some type of border around it to hide the edge of the transfer.

I know I make it sound difficult, but if you watch this video, you will see that it really is a lot easier then you think.

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